Ghost of Mae Nak (2005) IMDB 5.20(543) Full Movie Download

original title: Ghost of Mae Nak
rating: 5.20(543)
horror, Thriller, drama, detective
Director: mark Daffi”d. in roles: Pataratida Pacharawirapong, Siwat Chotchaicharin, Porntip Papanai, jaran Ngamdi, Kovit Vattanaku”, …
running time: , 101 min.
release date: 2005


Young married couple gets old house, the real master of which is May NAC – the legendary Thai Ghost. Gloomy spirit starts to protect and defend the new tenants, but soon it becomes clear that he does not unselfishly, and expects to get a serious charge for his favor.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 50% (1) alex-virt – 28.12.2009 A long time ago in an idyllic, bordered with palm trees village Prakanong there lived a young man he and the girl NAC, which are very fond of each other and got married. However, soon after the wedding, Mac called to war, and he went to war with the colonizers, leaving the house of his pregnant wife. It is easy to guess, the war failed because the Thais were only swords and spears, and the colonizers – guns and bombs. Mac was… read more\’
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